Anton is one of Australia’s highest profile thought leaders – a specialist in the field of leadership, best-selling author, and motivational speaker. He’s the leadership speaker that people want to listen to!

  • Anton’s origin story is one where a workplace incident nearly took his life, and he used that experience to share with leaders what they can do to keep their staff psychologically and physically safe
  • His leadership journey saw him experience poor leadership, and the impact that had on humans
  • Anton's response was to study a degree in Human Resource Management, and then a degree in Psychological Science, to understand what drives leaders, and how they can control their emotional state, instead of flying off the handle and harming others
  • He shares insights, provides actionable methodologies, coupled with powerful concepts and tools, to embed effective and under pressure leadership in the heart of businesses, which achieve proven results
  • Anton is one of the most passionate facilitators you will ever meet; his presentations are memorable, deeply personal and delivered with a natural warmth and infectious zest for life
  • He believes that leaders are the key ingredient in creating organisations that are a safe space for their staff, because their leaders create conscious control

“I’ve just got to get the job done” – or at least that is what I was telling myself.

I was rushing a job, that I didn’t need to rush. It just wasn’t that urgent. And it was only a
five-minute job. I was a young sparky, trying to impress.

In short, I was trying to save five minutes, and I went home from work about five weeks later.
A switchboard blew up in my face. BOOM. And I spent more than a month in the intensive
care and burns units.

I made a silly decision; due to the stress and the pressure that I put on myself. But why?
Because I was trying to do a good job. Faster than I needed to. And I wanted to look good
and get praise for it.

I got scared to work as a sparky. I still am, now.

Fast forward 10 years, and I found myself in a much more stressful role. I was now the
Maintenance Superintendent in a smelter.

I was working for someone who couldn’t control their emotions. Every time it got stressful,
this person went BOOM. They were abrupt, aggressive, and even abusive.

And apparently that was OK. Everyone else tolerated it. So, I had to, too.

He had a high stress job, right?

Flying off the handle was considered business as usual.

But, for me, it always hurt to be yelled at, and I never really understood how stress is reason enough to
hurt other humans. This was an example of how not to lead under pressure.

On May 25, 2021, I was on an industrial site that had a major event. The plant went BOOM.

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Public Speaking

Anton has presented more than 3,000 sessions over the past 15 years. His powerful messages have taken him around the world, and he has made a positive difference for thousands of audience members.

A natural public speaker, Anton’s presentations are delivered with a natural charisma, with a story telling prowess, and with actionable takeaways. We can guarantee that your audience will be both entertained and challenged.


Corporate Offerings

Leaders need support too. Anton’s corporate offerings speak directly to the leaders out there who are struggling to deal with the stress and duress of their roles. And they need support. They need to be cared for, too. How can leaders care for their teams if they are barely coping themselves?

Anton will walk through how you can be a better leader who unlocks potential, boosts engagement, and improves the performance of your people towards a more dynamic organisation. And, how to lead under pressure.

Industry Offerings

Anton influences all types of industries and sectors including mining, manufacturing, energy, construction, and councils. Whether your site is a mine or a manufacturer, Anton’s sessions will resonate with your audience.

Anton will help you ‘Create Conscious Control’ and to lead through any pressure packed situation. With emotional control, care factor for team members, courage to make the tough decisions, and back yourself.

Sports Psyche Offerings

Anton is a competitive endurance Triathlete and trained in Psychology. Anton walks shoulder to shoulder with coaches and players who are dedicated to always getting the most out of their teams. Anton’s mission is simple, to help you and your players so that they perform to capitalise on the moments that matter. Anton shares with the entire team the mental tools they need to reach their highest potential and make the biggest moments count.

Anton is skilled at uplifting players to reach their full potential, through their mindset, breathing and vision to reach success. Optimal performance is not just about strength or skill alone; it’s about fortifying the mind to endure and triumph over the challenges that athletes inevitably face.

And, thanks to Steve Jackson (the future Mayor of Mackay) for posing for a photo with Anton!

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Interested in Anton's speaking services for your event? Connect with us here for enquiries and bookings. Anton is ready to bring energy and insight to your audience.

Anton speaks a language that workers, field workers, can understand. Presentation was about sharing an experience, not lecturing, therefore the message was accepted and retained.”

Rob, HSEQ Manager

High energy informative conversations. Motivated energy within the team after each session.”

Mark, Manager Director

A professional, tailored and timely course delivery that met our desired outcomes. Anton has the unique ability to connect with a diverse audience, to help them reach their full potential. We recommend Anton’s services, and will engage him again.”

Tim, General Manager

Anton’s professionalism and enthusiasm for safety leadership and safety culture development is second to none. He is engaging, focused and very much about building client relationships.”

Ashley, CEO

If I gave you a ten, you might stop trying to improve. Anton has a wealth of knowledge and is in my opinion a very good facilitator.”

Gus, CEO

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