Anton is one of Australia’s highest profile safety leadership advocates - a specialist in his field, best-selling author and motivational speaker. He’s the workplace incident survivor that people want to listen to

  • As a 21 year old sparkie, Anton survived a near-fatal accident which changed his life (and his outlook) forever. For over 15 years, he has been dedicated to supporting businesses to upgrade their workplace safety culture
  • Anton shares insights, provides actionable methodologies, coupled with powerful concepts and tools, to embed safety leadership in the heart of businesses; which gets proven outcomes
  • He is one of the most passionate facilitators you will ever meet; his presentations are memorable, deeply personal and delivered with a natural warmth and infectious zest for life
  • He believes that leaders are the key ingredient in making safety Safe; Safe to talk about, Safe to engage in and Safe to report about

Every second day in Australia, someone at work has to have a difficult conversation.

They have to tell a family that someone they love is not coming home from work today.

“Mate, accidents happen”, some say afterward, at the pub.

Well I say that even one accident is too many. They know it, too. So why is it so hard?

As a young sparkie I sat in too many toolbox safety talks, where the team spent the time joking around, too embarrassed to show that they were actually interested.

As a coach I’ve listened to too many stories of people covering up a mate’s antics, only to regret never having had the courage to speak up before it was too late.

And as an executive advisor I’ve helped too many business leaders overcome the frustration of navigating the long-lasting damage that came from someone’s split-second bad decision.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Accidents don’t just happen

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Public Speaking

Anton has presented more than 3,000 sessions over the past 15 years. His powerful messages have taken him around the world and he has left a powerful legacy on thousands of audience members.

A natural public speaker, Anton’s presentations are delivered with a natural charisma. We can guarantee that your audience will be both entertained and challenged.


Corporate Offerings

Safety leadership is not just a ‘tradie’ thing. Anton’s corporate offerings speak directly to the psychological safety of team members and articulates the importance of growing individuals in order to grow a business. 

Anton will walk through how you can be a better leader who unlocks potential, boosts engagement and improves the performance of your people towards a more dynamic organisation.

Industry Offerings

Anton influences all types of industries and sectors including mining, manufacturing, energy, construction and councils. Whether your site is a mine or a manufacturer, Anton’s sessions will resonate with your audience.

Anton will help you ‘Make Safety Safe’. That is, Safe to talk about, Safe to engage in and Safe to report about. Safe work and Safe leadership starts with psychological safety, and ends with less injury and incidents in your teams and in your business.

Anton speaks a language that workers, field workers, can understand. Presentation was about sharing an experience, not lecturing, therefore the message was accepted and retained.”

Rob, HSEQ Manager

High energy informative conversations. Motivated energy within the team after each session.”

Mark, Manager Director

A professional, tailored and timely course delivery that met our desired outcomes. Anton has the unique ability to connect with a diverse audience, to help them reach their full potential. We recommend Anton’s services, and will engage him again.”

Tim, General Manager

Anton’s professionalism and enthusiasm for safety leadership and safety culture development is second to none. He is engaging, focused and very much about building client relationships.”

Ashley, CEO

If I gave you a ten, you might stop trying to improve. Anton has a wealth of knowledge and is in my opinion a very good facilitator.”

Gus, CEO

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