Anton’s speaking events are high energy and highly researched. He has motivated teams at BHP, Anglo American, Rio Tinto, Newmont among many others - leaving a legacy of lasting change. With presentations tailored to the audience, Anton can assist to:

  • Empower leaders to lead real safety change on your site
  • Clearly communicate how psychological safety and physical safety are linked and how they work together
  • Grow strong leaders, who make strong safety decisions
  • Refocus teams and reduce high incident rates
  • Sustain strong safety records by recognising individuals’ contribution
  • Motivate people (rather than their leaders) to help them set goals, create direction or resolve internal conflict

Popular Keynotes


Keynote #1

Speak with influence. Communicate to care and connect.

For leaders (and people) who want to improve their interpersonal connection with other human beings. Yes, we all have the unique ability to communicate in a way that cares and connects. Anton will show you how to communicate in a way that builds relationships, rather than breaking them.

  • Feel: Connection matters and rapport is crucial
  • Think: How to avoid miscommunication of any kind
  • Takeaway: Languaging skills, body language and the ability to have robust conversations

Keynote #2

I could have died. You don’t have to.

For leaders and teams who want to go home safe at the end of each day and the end of each shift…and don’t we all? Don’t learn safety by accident. Anton will lead by example of his own lived experience. 

  • Feel: Injuries hurt you and the people around you
  • Think: Why it’s never worth the risk 
  • Takeaway: How to be the example and make safe decisions that count

Keynote #3

Avoid jail time: From someone who didn’t.

For board members, directors, CEOs and senior managers who are unaware of what the law says, and the outcomes. Anton examines the case of Maria Carla Jackson, who was convicted and sentenced to six months’ jail after the death of a man at her scrap metal yard in Foster.

  • Feel: Put yourself in her shoes, imagine going to jail for six months
  • Think: Without precaution, this could happen to anyone
  • Takeaway: By law, you are ultimately responsible for safety

Keynote #4

Where Safety Meets Leadership: 2021 Version

For board members, directors, CEOs, senior managers and frontline leaders who want to build a strong safety culture. To make a real safety change in your organisation, you need to be focusing on the space where ‘safety meets leadership’.

  • Feel: Become a part of the change in culture
  • Think: The Safety culture change takes effort
  • Takeaway: Use Anton’s own LEAD process to improve psychological and physical safety

Keynote #5

Soft Stuff for Hard Blokes

For male leaders who know that they could be better communicators, but just don’t know how. Anton will take you through how hard blokes in hard workplaces can learn to communicate effectively, lean into emotions and show they care.

  • Feel: Your team has feelings, and they matter
  • Think: Honesty and integrity are crucial
  • Takeaway: How to listen to understand, not to respond


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