From Anglo American, Rio Tinto, Newmont among many others – Anton Guinea has inspired industry leaders and their teams across Australia. His presentations are regarded by audiences for their high levels of engagement, entertainment and education. Learn more about what they have to say.

Anton goes on the journey with you to upgrade your leadership team and improve their skill set. With presentations tailored to the audience, Anton can assist to:

  • Empower leaders to lead with control, even under pressure
  • Create conscious control, in all areas of leading high performing teams
  • Demonstrate emotional, behavioural, and situational control
  • Have care factor for teams and team members, and create psychologically safe teams
  • Support leaders to make courageous decisions, even under stress or duress

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Keynote #1

Upgrade Your Mindset

With resilience, the leadership superpower

The Upgrade model covers topics including how to use resilience as part of your psychological capital and your mindset; how advancing despite adversity is the key to goal attainment; developing a future focus and finding your ‘why’; and learning how to use conscious control and emotional literacy to manage pressure and professional relationships.

  • Start with a future focus: As a leader, decide who you’re becoming
  • Develop a positive perspective: Practice the art of putting things into perspective
  • Think about your thoughts: Develop and practice the skill of introspection
  • Lead under pressure: Manage the pressure; don’t let it manage you
  • Know your leadership style: Find your leadership style, and lean into it

Keynote #2

Upskill Your Leadership

Through reflection and reframing

The Upskill model covers topics including creating conscious control and developing your emotional quotient to lead well even when leading under pressure; learning care factor to ensure the emotional wellbeing of your team members; and drawing on courage to develop your leadership skills and reach your leadership goals.

  • Create conscious control: Learn to respond, not react, to BOOM events
  • Have high care factor: Learn how to be a good human, and a good leader
  • Develop your EQ: Lead with emotional intelligence, and social intelligence
  • Lead under pressure: Stay in control and lead well even when the pressure rises
  • Be courageous: Take action when it matters, even if it scares you

Keynote #3

Uplift Your Teams

For high performance and psychological safety

The Uplift model covers topics including using the Platinum Rule of communication; dealing with people who go BOOM when things go BOOM; avoiding the Deficit Dialogue Dilemma; role modelling leadership while leading under pressure; and demonstrating radical candour to create psychologically safe workplaces.

  • Uplift your team: Create a high-performing and psychologically safe team
  • Facilitate team discussion: Give your team members a voice, and let them challenge you
  • Role model leadership: Lead by example, so team members do as you say, and as you do
  • Deal with difficulties: Lead your team out of turmoil and into productivity
  • Demonstrate radical candour Care first, and show it, before you challenge directly

Keynote #4

Uphold Your Safety

How to not get killed at work: stories from a survivor 

The Uphold model covers topics including slowing down and not putting safety at risk by trying to meet deadlines and KPIs; oxygenating your brain and not compromising on your priorities by learning to lead yourself under pressure; and standing by your commitment to safety to avoid making poor decisions that put yourself at risk.

  • It's just not worth it: Seriously, it's not
  • Just stop and breathe: You'll make better decisions
  • Don't do safety for others: Do it for you and your wellness

Keynote #5

Uplevel Your Identity

The three ways to conquer the spectrum of perspective

The Uplevel model covers topics including using resilience as psychological capital to overcome life’s challenges and succeed and achieve; how to stop ruminating, and use reflection and reframing as a key life skill and a leadership superpower; and using a positive perspective to be there, be aware, and better share with others.

  • Upgrade your perspective: On life's events, with resilience
  • Upskill your perspective-taking: By reflecting and reframing
  • Uplift those around you: With a positive perspective


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